Vegan Eats Oxford

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

I’m Heather, a 25 year old vegan foodie living in Oxford. Having spent a lot of time trawling the internet trying to find recommendations for decent vegan-friendly places to eat in our beautiful city, I came to the realisation that this information can be actually quite difficult to find. Cue the best excuse to try out lots of delicious food…

I have a long list of food establishments in Oxford in my head that serve vegan food. In the hope that I can make your lives easier and this blog can become your go-to guide to vegan food in Oxford, and purely for research reasons of course (nothing to do with the fact that I need a way to justify going out for food multiple times a week), I’m planning to visit and review every restaurant, and let you know whether it’s worth a visit! Feel free to bookmark this post because each time I write a review, I’ll come back here and update the list with the link below.

To read round-ups of vegan food in other places I’ve visited…

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